Amazing Carriage House in Clinton Hill. Extremely rare. 2.25M

308 Waverly Avenue, Townhouse – Clinton Hill, New York

Stunning private carriage house just under 2,000 square feet in historic Clinton Hill. The benefits of privacy and the comfort of being part of the condominium at the corresponding mansion known as 315 Clinton Avenue. Beautifully proportioned and unusually wide and spacious. Extra generous living area with formal dining region and very large kitchen area with full bath downstairs leading up to two and a half huge bedrooms upstairs with another open living area and full bath upstairs. There is ample storage that comes with the property and bicycle storage both convenient for ease of access. Outdoor area and directly across from Underwood Park a known staple in the area, this true carriage house is really quite rare and exceptionally well laid out.

347 873 0616

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1850sf Soho Loft with Western Skyline Views. Rare. White Elephant, not sold since the 70′s. 2.85m

Located between Prince and Houston, this Wooster Street is a true rare gem.

An original artist’s loft that has not come to market since the 70′s exists as a blank canvas awaiting your input.
Currently set up as a 1 bed 1 bath, there is ample space to create multiple bedrooms and add a bath.

Large open space with original details including exposed brick and cast-iron columns. Six oversized west-facing windows bathe the loft in natural light. Two additional windows face north for additional air and light, allowing for a flexible layout. With the most spectacular open views you have seen in Soho, this is the space you have been waiting for.

Thankfully the majority of the space is open, so you aren’t inheriting some 80′s owner’s bad taste and raised jacuzzi.
What you will get are majestic Western Views with water towers, skyline, and horizon.

Maintenance   $2,442
1,850 SF | 172 SM
Prewar Coop Loft

Call or email for an appointment.

347 873 0616

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Glass Enclosed Bedroom Oversees Expansive SoHo Loft. 7k!

Umm, so every now and again, you see something and you’re left speechless.

This huge, completely renovated loft has a high-end kitchen, marble bathroom, two huge skylights, a brick wall and tons of other unique architectural details. It has entrances on both Broadway and Crosby.

From the back.

From the side.

And this is where they cook for you.
Drops Mic.

Call me.
347 873 0616

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Old World Gem. West 4th Walkup Penthouse, Private Roof Deck. SUPER RARE! $6500

Century old Stunner. Old World Gem.
I’ve actually been to a summer BBQ in this unit, and it was a true treat, one of those hidden slices of NYC, that is truly Unique.

A hundred years ago this truly one of a kind apartment was home to renowned silent film actor John Barrymore – who christened it “The Alchemist’s Corner” – and it’s easy to see why creative minds have been drawn to the space both then and now.

The loft-like apartment occupies the entire top floor and features an expansive living area defined by an enormous vaulted and cast-iron paned skylight, deep-set blue stained-glass windows, arched doorways, and huge fireplace. At the front you will find a large built-in seat before the bay windows, and at the back is a separate king-sized bedroom with en suite bath.

From the great room a door that could belong in a castle leads up a narrow staircase to a spectacular rooftop deck with views north over the former Washington Square Church and south to the Freedom Tower, and where Barrymore installed a garden. The deck also features a covered porch and “cabana” or cottage, which is perfect for sleeping in summertime or entertaining year round (it’s heated).

Dating from 1839, the house is one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the Village and would be just as familiar to Edgar Allan Poe today as it would have been when he lived one block south at the time. While you’ll feel you’ve walked into a different world once inside, the building is located just seconds from Washington Square and the modern convenience of the West 4th Street train station. If you want a steel and glass box, this is not for you. If you want walls with history and a view over the Village, then look no further.

347 873 0616

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2000sf in Tribeca. Former 5 bed being renovated into a 3 bed 2 bath. 8900. Keyed Elevator


Oversized windows, double South-North exposure, flooding light, high beamed ceilings, refinished wood floors, skylights, high-end open kitchen, dining area and modern bath. Floor through loft with keyed elevator.

Currently configured into a 5 bedroom share, it can be delivered with demolished walls, freshly painted and re-finished or built out to tenant’s specs, including adding a 2nd bath, in exchange for rent abatement.
Pets Welcome!

Contact Peter-Charles
347 873 0616

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Brokers Fees. Where’s tha Beef?

Hay Y’all, ;)

Looking for an apartment is tough, looking for an apartment while trying to focus on work is stressful, doing so when you don’t see 100% eye to eye with your roommate, significant other, or life partner can be downright sadistic.  Even if you are not a chain smoker, who plays loud music with 3 “well behaved” Rottweilers as pets.

A good broker will help you consolidate information into one stream so that you are not overwhelmed, and even better, help you clarify your priorities.  An excellent broker will turn you on to neighborhoods and property types that you may have overlooked, and will steer you away from glittering properties in the middle of nowhere that amount to luxury fools gold, unless that’s what you want.  A crappy broker will treat you like a number, show you 3 properties and throw you away because “time is money,” and “it’s a numbers game.”

Think of us as burger jockeys.  Burgers aren’t that hard to make, but cows take up a lot of space, butchering a cow is unappetizing at best, and busy people would rather pay for somebody to cook their burger and serve it up on a plate or deliver it to their apartment.  Opportunity cost of time.

Throw in some eye candy, a bar, and a DJ, and you’re paying $15 for a burger.  The grocery store would sell you a pound of organic beef for $10-15 and that’s expensive, 1 pound = 4 quarter pound burgers.  Why do people pay $10-15 for burgers?  Because they don’t want to raise cattle, turn them into beef, grind them into pound sized parcels, season, slice onions and grill.  Quite simply it’s a matter of convenience.

I like a juicy burger delivered, but last night I made great Turkey Burgers with diced Jalapeno and Mushroom, topped with Pepper Jack cheese, served on English Muffins, with organic greens, for cheaper than delivery.  Why, cuz I didn’t want to pay $30 for two burgers, and I didn’t mind walking one block to the grocery store in the snow.

Some brokers know one neighborhood very well, almost intimately.  Due to my natural curiosity, multiple spheres of experience, and my disdain for one-trick ponyism, I know more than 10 neighborhoods blindfolded. A good broker, like any professional or expert, should know more than you, that’s why you go to them.  And if they try to sell you a undercooked burger, or overcooked for that matter, send it back!

Not to get all macro on you, but we the people are a service economy, there are fees associated with pretty much everything in America, fees or taxes, and if you don’t pay them outright, they are rolled in. Same is true for NYC real estate. There are standard fees, although some brokers will tell you that its 15% everywhere in the city.  12% also known as the Corporate Rate, used to be the Brooklyn Standard, but some brokers will say it extends even to East New York, because NYC is NYC… I say NYC isn’t NYC, and if a customer is on a tight budget but needs to use my services, I will work with them to find a solution that works.

Apartable says it best so i’m gonna quote them, and leave a link, because I don’t want to take credit for anybody’s special sauce, even if it’s just Russian Dressing and relish.  Click the pic for the link.


Broker fees in New York
In Manhattan, the typical broker fee is 15% of a year’s rent. That means for a $2,000/month apartment, you’ll have to pay the broker 12 * $2,000 * 0.15 = $3,600, at once, at the time of lease signing. In other words, you have to pay 1.8 months extra. In Brooklyn, it’s more common for brokers to charge 12%, or 1.44 months extra. Sometimes brokers will be willing to negotiate down to 10% or 8%, which comes out to just about one month.

Of course, when the fee is more than one month, it’s usually quoted as a percentage of a year’s rent. “15% fee” seems to sound more reasonable than “practically two months extra just to move in!”

So, how much does it cost?
Fee Rate Equivalent in Months Rent Example for $2,000 apt
15% (Manhattan standard) 1.8 months (yes, isn’t that crazy!?) $3,600
12% (Brooklyn standard)   1.44 months                                 $2,880
10%                                1.2 months                                   $2,400
8.33%                             1.0 month                                     $2,000

In most cases, the fee you pay the brokerage will be split 50/50 with the agent. So for that $3,600 broker fee, the agent who showed you the apartment will receive $1,800. Often, though, your broker will show you apartments that are represented exclusively by another firm. There, they’ll have substantially less flexibility in negotiating the fee, because instead of splitting the fee two ways between the agent and the brokerage, the fee is split four ways: 25% to the agent who showed it, 25% to the agent who got the listing, 25% to your agents brokerage and 25% to the listing agent’s brokerage. Or just $900 each. Ouch.

Why you’ll have to pay
Why do they get away with it? Basic economics. Real estate brokers, at least as far as rentals are concerned, are basically charging for access to information that’s difficult to find. They’ve spent substantial time finding out who landlords are, when and what they have available, and who to talk to. If you tried to do this yourself in a place like New York, it would take you a very long time, assuming you could even do it. Many landlords aren’t even willing to deal with prospective tenants directly, preferring to outsource the operation to a broker. True, it’s not fair. True, the landlord should pay the broker, since ultimately the broker is doing a job on behalf of the landlord. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works today in NYC.


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Williamsburg Northside Duplex 20′ ceilings in LR. Avail Imm. $3200

Modern Duplex Condominium for Rent 

The Williamsburg waterfront district gets a bold new architectural landmark with Wythe Avenue Lofts. This mold-breaking new rental combines a sought-after location with modern design to create the ultimate loft lifestyle.

At the core of each unit—many of them soaring duplex lofts—are giant windows basking the living spaces in natural light and framing views of the surrounding Williamsburg street scene. The flooring is a lustrous 5” white oak while some ceilings are double-height to enhance the sense of space. All units feature built-in closets to help keep settings clear and some feature mezzanine lofts ideal for a home office space.

The kitchens are a blend of city-smart design and chef-grade performance. Top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances add an industrial edge that contrasts beautifully with the ultra-modern CaesarStone countertops. Custom lacquered cabinetry adds a subtle sheen to the setting while open wooden shelving provides chic display space above a dining peninsula. Bathrooms blend a host of top design elements like porcelain tile walls, glass mosaic detailing and penny tile floors.

Surrounded by Williamsburg’s headlining bistros, boutiques and bars, Wythe Ave Lofts is positioned to enhance your social calendar. The pioneering shops of Bedford Avenue and the trendsetting design studios of North 6th are just blocks away and the new East River State Park is around the corner. Manhattan is minutes from your door via the L train at Bedford Avenue.

Contact Peter-Charles
347 873 0616

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